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To feed or a local sports club, or a family barbeque, a quality meat pack from Dawson Road Butchery is the best way to conquer those hungry stomachs. Choose from a variety of meat packs, platters and meat tray options, which are perfect for restaurants, clubs, motels, or a glorious barbeque at home with friends and family.

Dawson Road Butchery also supplies a variety of delicious meat tray options to pubs and clubs for raffles and competitions. And for the convenience of Rockhampton’s western towns, we offer a special order and delivery service.

Call our friendly butchers today to discuss our affordable pack prices. We offer a same-day, free home delivery service for Rockhampton residential clients.

Value Pack


1.5kg Roast
1kg Mince
1kg BBQ Sausages
1kg Rump Steak
1kg Crumbed/BBQ Steak

Economy Pack


500g Rump Steak
500g Pork Loin Chops
500g Mince
500g Diced Beef
500g Lamb BBQ Chops
1.5kg Corned Silverside
500g BBQ Sausages

BBQ Pack


2kg Rib Fillet
1.5kg BBQ Sausages
1kg Beef Rissoles
1kg Pork Spare Ribs
1kg Lamb Loin Chops

Workers Pack


1kg BBQ Steak
1kg Diced Beef
1kg Mince
1kg Sausages
500g Bacon
1dozen Eggs

Pack For 2


1kg Mince
1kg BBQ Sausages
1kg Rump Steak
1kg BBQ Lamb Chops
750g Bacon
1dozen Eggs

Budget Pack


1kg Rump Steak
1kg Pork Loin Chops
1kg Lamb BBQ Chops
1kg Pork Spare Ribs
1kg Beef Rissoles
1kg Beef Mince
1kg BBQ Sausages
2kg Corned Silverside
1kg Bacon Rashers
1kg Crumbed Steak
1 No. 14 Chicken

Freezer Pack


$25 Rump Steak
2kg Pork Loin Chops
2kg Beef Mince
2kg BBQ Sausages
2kg BBQ Lamb Chops
2kg Corned Silverside
2kg Leg Of Lamb
1kg Bacon
2kg Crumbed Steak
1kg Beef Rissoles
1kg Diced Beef
3kg Pickled Pork

Side Of Beef Pack


3kg Topside
4kg T-Bone
750g Eye Fillet
3kg Rib Fillet
3kg Rib Roast

9kg Premium Mince
9kg Beef Sausages

2kg Blade Roast
2kg Blade Steak
3kg BBQ Steak
2kg Chuck Steak
3kg Rump Steak
3kg Corned Brisket
4kg Corned Silverside

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